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Why are pisces so different

The Pisces is an extremely kind and compassionate soul that has a hell of a lot of love to give to the world.

Reasons Pisces Are The Most Difficult People To Understand

The Pisces is an extremely positive spirit to be around and they have a way of bringing out the bring best in the people that they are with. They pick up on vibes and subtle clues that others often miss and they notice a hell of a lot more than many give them credit for.

For the Pisces, reality is often just not where the party is at. They love to be made to feel specia l and wanted but they also know how to sweep their partner off their feet too. Pisces are deeply emotional individuals who feel everything intensely… both good and bad. Their moods can seem to change like the wind and they can go from feeling downright miserable one moment to on top of the world a minute later.

Pisces can often pick up on a persons true motives and intentions and more often than not their instincts turn out of be dead on. Sometimes Pisces just needs to get away from everything and everyone to take a breather from the chaos of life. They just need time to recharge their batteries and get their thoughts in order. Few realize just how competitiv e the Pisces can be when they are presented with a challenge.

They are incredibly supportive and comforting friends who always seem to know just what to say to make someone feel better. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

12 Reasons Pisces Is The Best Zodiac Sign Of All

Click Here to Leave a Comment Below. Leave a Reply:. Sharing is Caring Help spread the word. You're awesome for doing it!Dating a Pisces may not seem easy at times, but it will definitely be a rewarding relationship. They love to daydream, and use their imagination to create beautiful things in this world.

They are deeply sensitive and emotional, however, so make sure you nurture their humongous, beautiful hearts if you decide to be in a relationship with a Pisces. If you need a few more tips about loving a Pisces, keep reading below. Pisces may not tell you they want affection, but they secretly do and wish that you would just intuitively know their needs. Pisces may not show it, but they love old-fashioned ideals of romance and grand gestures, so if you plan to keep them around, make sure you let them know loud and clear how you feel about them.

why are pisces so different

They can also get overwhelmed with the fast pace of the world today, so they prefer to spend lots of time in their rooms where they have the clarity and solitude to work from their imagination. They may not have a normal job, instead choosing something that allows them to be creative, no matter how much they make from it.

If you date a Pisces, remember to honor their creative spirit, and allow them to express themselves fully. As a deep person themselves, Pisces naturally want a committed, serious relationship. They will remain faithful and loyal to you, so treat them with the same respect. If you date a Pisces man or woman, prepare to woo and flatter them regularly. Anything you do to show your feelings toward them will be appreciated. A natural dreamer, Pisces love delving into topics such as outer space, weird creatures of the Earth, aliens, conspiracy theories, spirituality, and intellectual things like these.

Pisces will always put you first, no matter what. They would give you their last dollar if you really needed it, because they want to see you happy. So, if you have a Pisces mate, make sure you reciprocate and put them first, too. Pisces need a lot of solitude in order to balance their energies, especially after going out in the hectic, chaotic world we live in.

They will come out when they feel ready. Pisces have big hearts, and unfortunately, a lot of people take advantage of that. If they like you, a Pisces will shyly let you know, and then not sleep, eat, or do anything else until they have won you over.

Pisces can sometimes suffer from low self-esteem, due to their quiet, contemplative, passive nature. A Pisces needs your word that you will remain faithful in a relationship. If you show your Pisces man or woman that you only have eyes for him or her, then they will stick around for a while. If you've ever had interactions with a narcissist, then you know just how trifling they can be to deal with.Born between February 19 and March 20 is the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces.

A Feminine, Mutable, Negative, Water sign that is symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions.

why are pisces so different

Pisces are wonderful people and have many great traits and characteristics that make them stick out from the rest of the pack. Not only do they make great friends, but they also make great partners in romantic relationships. Here's a little insight to why Pisceans are the best people on the planet:. Compassionate and accepting, Pisces are always understanding and never judgmental.

Pisces have compassion for the ones left behind, the needy, all those that no one else wants. They can sense the feelings of others and are drawn toward them like a magnet. They get so close to the feelings that they become their own. They see others problems so clearly and end up taking it on to them.

If you are their friend, they make sure they go out of their way to help and safeguard you against any such mess. They are a must have friend in your friend cycle and will be all ears if you have any problem troubling you. A Pisces derives this characteristic from its element water, being emotional and nurturing; they wash away your troubles and solve them for you. This sign is associated with sacrifices and charities.

That is why, more than any other sun sign, the Pisceans are the ones who bypass their self-interest for the good of others. Their shoulders are ever ready to cry on. Run to a Pisces. They are most accepting people existing on the surface of earth. They never judge people, understand and accept them just as they are and will always be there if the need arises.

They find perfections in imperfections. They are also known to be most tolerant of all the zodiac signs. Pisces imaginative and artistic nature makes them the most inspiring sign of all. Pisces are governed by a duality, a struggle of the spiritual soul within the physical body.

11 Things You Should Know If You Love a Pisces

Pisces are deeply creative and artistic, with enhanced intuitive abilities. Ruled by Neptune, planet of inspiration and imagination, Pisceans are one of the most creative signs of the Zodiac. They are exceptionally gifted artistically. That is why we see so many of them opting for creative professions such as acting, dancing, writing, etc. Instead of logic and rationality, Pisces rely highly on their intuition and imagination to understand things.

They are very open to new ideas, circumstances, or any other change that they may encounter in their life. While traveling, they like to go to offbeat, remote, and unexplored places. Pisces soul wanders and wanders for the lust of artistic beauty.

Their imagination is so beautiful that no canvas can represent it. With this great imaginative mind they are more of creative person than routine materialistic.For people who deeply believe in the meanings of the alignment of the stars and moons, these horoscopes are everything. But this science is much more than just stargazing. These readings are influenced by the presence of other star signs around you, as well, which is why you may be warned against interacting with a certain star during that month.

The impact that various Zodiac signs have on each other is enormous. Certain stars do well when they join with a particular sign, while others are ready to fight it out.

However, from all of the Zodiac signs, Pisceans are the worst, and here are 10 reasons why. Big or small, we face problems on a daily basis at home, at work, and really any other place.

For some, these problems turn into a form of chronic stress and can lead to difficult health conditions down the road because of it. Others have found ways to relieve stress by understanding the root cause and finding healthy alternatives to stressing out. Taking care of your problems responsibly is the way to live a happy and healthy life. But this concept of finding the deeper cause for a problem is something that a Pisces has never quite learned or mastered.

A Piscean can go for weeks on end avoiding a problem and never getting down to tackling it. Confrontation is not their strong suit, so a Piscean would rather run away from their problems than stand their ground and sort it out. Part of experiencing life is going through the motions, and emotions, involved with it.

15 Things Every Pisces Understands

Every day is a new day and brings its own set of emotional landscapes with it. Contrary to previous thinking, studies have found that the human mind and body is capable of experiencing up to 27 categories of emotions. That range is a lot more than what people consider as emotions. For some people, their emotions run high, and they experience a high level of happiness when something good happens.

Basically, how you feel about something depends on you, and the things that upset you or make you happy are different from the person next to you. They think deeply about their experiences, to the point that it starts to affect how well they can handle reality. A Piscean is likely to brood over past problems long after everything has been said and done. Sensitivity is a good thing when it comes to certain situations, but having too much of it and constantly getting offended can get annoying for anyone.

Some people take up proactive and healthy hobbies, while others find a pastime in something unbeneficial or harmful. Similarly, what we choose when we look for a partner also affects our lives in a big way. We all want the perfect person whose imperfections actually make them flawless. But a Piscean functions a little differently.

A Piscean holds themselves and the people they love up to very high standards.Being that Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, those born under this sign have a mix of characteristics from all the eleven preceding signs. However, they are also very open-minded. This battle of characteristics force Pisces to think before feeling.

A Pisces would most successfully be in a relationship with someone who is just as stir crazy and up for anything. But, it really is a good thing and it's totally genuine. When you need someone to be compassionate with you, you've got it. Pisces are, at heart, dreamers. Jupiter and Neptune, the latter of which represents illusions, rule them.

Pisces shift from goal to goal and sometimes, those goals may seem impossible. To a Pisces though, the goals are as close to reality as it gets.

Silly fishes. Pisces are extremely empathetic. Sometimes, they place another's emotions over their own, and this can be chaotic because they are then left to fester in their own ignored emotions.

Locking yourself in your room for an hour usually means something is wrong, right? Not necessarily for Pisces. This basically means that they are always trying to surround themselves with new people, but they don't know when those people switch from new people to actual friends. This can come off as fake or closed off, but in reality, it is most attributed to a Pisces' innate curiosity about other people's lives and stories.

Excuse Pisces and their many questions. A Pisces assumes the best in all people. A Pisces-hosted party is an interesting sight — people of all walks of life are welcome, as far as a Pisces is concerned. And by a little, I mean a lot. Words cut deep with Pisces, so this might be why your Piscean friend hasn't been as chatty lately. Be careful with your words and be honest with how you feel because Pisces are also sensitive to others' emotions.

If you're feeling stressed, a Pisces can feel it. Trust me. And they look for it in everyone. If you feel like a Pisces looks up to you, it's probably because one does. By Ilia Jones. As a Pisces, I can tell you pretty confidently that we're a pretty tough group to read. Well, I have good news! You're not alone, and you can thank your sun sign for all that confusion. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.Oh, Pisces. Pisces is the 12th, and last astrological sign in the zodiac.

This means, it is one of the oldest and most wise signs. I was much wiser than children my age, but for me that came out through frustration for the world. I was born with a sense of purpose and an inner knowing that the system of society was inherently hurtful. Pisces, as it is a fish, is of course a water sign. It is ruled by Jupiter as a primary planet, and Neptune as a secondary.

Jupiter is the thinking planet. It is the abstract mind, the higher learning both intellectually and spiritually. Neptune, on the other hand, is about fluidity and illusory nature. It is all about dreams and abstract thoughts, making a great combination with Jupiter. Combined, the two planets create the Yin Yang of male and female energy. Many say Pisces are escapists or have a strong desire to escape reality. As a Pisces, I can attest to those being true for myself. When I am in overly stressful situations, I am very quick to disconnect with reality through disassociation with my emotions.

This is always something I work through and eventually have to face every time. For that is exactly what this life is about: raw interaction.

why are pisces so different

The personality of Pisces is difficult to pin down because many people with this sign enjoy being mysterious or elusive. When I was younger, I loved to be considered mysterious and unknown because I liked the idea of people wondering about me. Supposedly, Pisces are born with physic abilities stronger than others, but that all really depends on your living situation and prior agreements coming down to this planet. One of the empathic abilities that come with being a Pisces is extreme sensitivities to friends and loved ones.

Pisces often take the problems of their friends and make it their own. That is something many pisces do, they are attracted to people who need a lot of help and sometimes this can end up draining you. This is the sign of mysticism and the unknown. It is said that the pisces eternal struggle is learning how to use our powers through our creative and artistic skills in a positive way. Many of us are artists in society that focus on the negative because our emotions are so intense.

Learning how to recognize the magic of life in our creations can produce a more productive result; and that is one of the greatest gifts as a Pisces. I am the same.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Pisces go best with cancer as they both have the emotions connected but cancers are a bit more grounded and therefore can bring pisces to reality. Also how they've grown up and most likely the answers probably lie in the birth chart. I know quite a few Pisces myself and they all very different in what they like and there attitude to many things but the similarities I've found are all quite similar:.

Pisces aren't who they appear to be. They may look human and all, but don't be fooled. I will tell you why. Pisces are not humans. They are evil soul-stealing monsters called Cosqillos. Cosqillos are spanish monsters that look exactly like humans, talk like them, and act like them. Cosqillos were originated in Barcelona, Spain many years ago when a monkey got raped by an evil pirate. They steal souls because it keeps them alive.

why are pisces so different

It is really easy for cosqillos to steal souls, to steal souls they will tickle you and POOF you're gone like that. Symptoms of soul-loss begin exactly 75 hours after a cosqillos tickles you. And then your skin becomes gray and you keep shriveling up until you turn into dust.

It is strongly advised that you stay more than feet away from Pisces. Everybody, spread the word like a wildfire! Please dont say the gender, Pisces women seem like angels and Pisces men just seem jerks?

Your opinions? Answer Save. Favorite Answer. This Site Might Help You. RE: Why are Pisces women so different from Pisces men? I know quite a few Pisces myself and they all very different in what they like and there attitude to many things but the similarities I've found are all quite similar: - they like to impress you - there generally nice people - they can really make you laugh and other little things How do you think about the answers?

You can sign in to vote the answer. LOL no wonder I am such an opinionated pr! I'm Sagittarius Moon I can be nice and be a pr i ck I'm sorry. Pisces women are rude!!! Pat G Lv 5.

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